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Decorate Your Life with Plants!

Indoor or Outdoors.. everyone can have a garden!

Decorate Your Life with Plants!

A person's heart is at home. We are here to assist you select the plants that suit your vibe, whether you have a wild or more serene side. Our expert staff is committed to producing plants that will bring excitement, culture, and life into your house! We grow and develop plants from all over the world because they not only improve your mental and emotional health by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air, but also because the many patterns, textures, and colors offer beauty to your very own place.

Our Journey

In 2015, our mother firm Homestyling Decor marked the beginning of our adventure. In an instant, we understood that consumers were completely enamored with plants when we added plants as a way to boost revenue for our decorating firm. Our inventory kept growing as we added more items, and eventually it became a nursery business. No regrets here! The truth is that whether you're indoors lounging on a couch or outdoors dozing in a hammock, plants add visual interest and promote a tranquil environment. The newest fashion, though, is all about bringing the garden inside. We are prepared to deliver the finest plants right to your home. All year round, we would love to improve your interior living area. You will find beautiful plants here. Our heart-felt desire is that as your love for plants grow, so will your desire to conserve them as species intricate to the ecology of our planet. Beautiful plants can be found here. Our sincere hope is that as your appreciation of plants grows, so will your desire to protect them as species vital to the planet's ecology.


They’re back! Old but gold, the mid-century modern style is timeless and is characterized by clear lines, soft organic curves, and a 20th-century aesthetic. Exploring exotic house plants with sleek lines and both organic and geometric forms to suit this decor style may be highly exciting because this style embraces a variety of diverse materials and shapes in interior design. Our top recommendations for complementary plants are zz plants, peacock aglanoemas, ficus tree, snake plants, monsteras, and pothos.


A Small Nursery That Cares Big!

— Monique Rodríguez, Certified Nursery Owner
My home nursery business is dedicated to the art of horticulture. I believe that the addition of live plants to your everyday environment can change in a positive way how you feel and think. Plants are known to make people feel happy, joyful, relaxed; and so I feel great when someone inquires or purchases a plant from my home nursery. I’m also excited about my personal mission to help conserve plant species in any small way I can. There’s a global movement that is educating upcoming generations to appreciate the enormous varieties of plants available on this planet and I thank God for that. Plants are precious, they are our friends in every sense of the word. Without them we wouldn’t be here. I believe we all can play our part in helping to conserve plants by learning about the history of the plants we collect and their individual care. Follow my blog at http://www.plantpowertherapy.Wordpress.com and help me spread the love of plants.

Local Pick Up

If you live in the Kissimmee or Orlando area you can pick up by appointment only. Please text (407) 569-8972 to schedule a pick up time.